The Good Shepherd Quartet Discography of Recordings


Our Newest Release is now Available

"God's Still Got Some Children"

1. I'll Wake up in Gloryland

2. He Said If I Be Lifted Up

3. God's Still Got Some Children

4. My Home Sweet Home

5. When I Wake Up To Sleep No More

6. I Want To Go To Heaven

7. Mother's In Glory

8. They Moved Our Reunion Up There

9. We We All Get There

10. Going Home




Beyond The Gold of Sunset



                         Our DVD                           "When I Join the Happy Circle"  




Our Newest 'A cappella CD, "Plain and Simple"                                          "Looking Down Upon the Sunrise"



Our other Music......

We'll Sing In GloryLand                                         Surely God Is Able

1. We'll Sing In Gloryland                                 1. A Good Time Is Coming

2. Spread a Little Sunshine                                2. Surely, God Is Able

3. Let Him Show You the Way                         3. My Jesus Is Real

4. I Heard from Heaven                                    4. Jesus Is My Neighbor

5. Make The Lord a Good Soldier                     5. Light Guiding Me

6. Are You Half As Good A Christian                6. Heaven is Not so Far Away

7. I Heard My Mother Call My Name                7. Judgment Day is Coming

8. You've Been a Mighty Good Neighbor            8. Pray For Me

9. Heaven Must Be a Wonderful Place                9. I'm a Happy Pilgrim

10. Wonderful By and By                                 10. Prisoner of Love

11. The Story of the Rose                                 11. I Know I'll Live In a Mansion

12. I Love My Savior Too                                12. Just a Rose 


                                    The Early Years Volume 1                                                                                    The Early Years Volume 2


             The Early Years Volume 3                                                                                         The Early Years Volume 4


          Whisper My Name In Prayer                                                                                         Heaven Is My Home


       I Try To Picture Heaven In My Mind                                                                       Golden Reflections (Acappella)


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